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At heart the commandline approach enables for you to deliver effective and efficient cybersecurity friendly to IT and ICT.

Where technology and business goals converge is where commandline solutions is best positioned when paired with adequate mandate.

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Joris is a seasoned ICT professional with profound cybersecurity domain expertise based in Antwerp City, Belgium.

He enjoys a modest life with freedom to go for long walks in nature. He also attempts to maintain many fleeting interests from programming and science to arts and philosophy.

Joris enjoys to explore and think about:
  • Sensible Quick-wins vs sensible solutions.
  • How to respect both technology and business goals alike.
  • Acting as a knowledgeable partner to SME.
  • Enabling technical staff to tackle cybersecurity challenges.
  • Using Dashboards and Reports for visible cybersecurity.
  • Why world problems remain world problems.
  • How to cut meetings down to effective meetings.
Defending business goals to technical people and vice-versa is not new to him. Doing so he found he works best where technical and business challenges converge. More than on occassion, he still likes to dig deep into a technical challenge.

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Senior cybersecurity and ICT domain specialist (since 1992) available for roles demanding cybersecurity domain expertise and technical know-how.

Able to work with technical specialists, generalisits and product owners. Able to act as subject matter expert, technical design authority, security adivisor to decision makers.

Past roles include security analyst, systems engineer, network and security engineer, information security officer, threat management consultant for medium to large local and multi-national orgnisations.

Building on this established technical foundation he is able to intermediate between various roles, levels and domains for technical and non-technical stakeholders.

A profile which has proven to function well as a full-stack analyst (cross network, O.S., application, service) and knowledgeable consultant delivering actionable advisories, insightful analysis, hands-on engineering.

Customers range from large multi-nationals in finance, pharmacy, transport to also SME from 10 to +100 employees.

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For one or more short to mid-term projects Joris is able to bring technical focus and versatility to the table.
  • experienced cybersecurity consultancy ranging from infrastructure to development.
  • complex topics presented in a simple way
  • an approach through a hacker mind-set, without the hacking (that he leaves to specialists)
  • a sober approach to cybersecurity with focus on strategic cost reduction
  • suitable technical roles i can bring to the table: intermediary, analyst, advisor, engineer.
  • working remote for EMEA customers
  • discount price for start-up and scale-up

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