Joris Lambrecht

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IT generalist with solid cyber security know-how and experience _

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This is an introductory CV, a complete CV is available upon request.


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An experienced IT Generalist (security, systems, networking, application) with solid Cyber-Security know-how and experience in both hands-on (<20 years) and hands-off (>5 years) roles across medium to multi-national business environment.


I work in IT/ICT since 1992, initially as a Technical-Sales.

Soon I grew an affinity with the technical world of operating systems. Since 1997 I was employed in mostly technical roles. My initial experience with Cyber-Security dates back to 1998 with Systems Hardening and AV Management. I've been passively and actively growing experience and knowledge on this topic since.

I've worked with proficiency as a Information Security Officer, Cyber-Security Analyst and Engineer, Network-Security Engineer, Network-Systems Administrator, Applications Support Engineer.

In case you have a role for someone with a generalist background and/or solid cyber-security understanding I am a suitable match.
When it comes to employment, my preference is when a role works for me.
I am open to remote work, temporary assignments or consultancy work on internal projects. Permanent positions are welcome.


My style is direct yet respectful. I work best one on one but I am able to present in front of a group, discuss among peers, collaborate with stakeholders.


I am not a leader by experience but I do know what needs to be done.


Technical Security Consultant, IBM ( 5 Months, 2018)

Information Security Officer, Record Bank (39 months)

Datacentre Engineer, IBM (5 Months)

Information Security Officer, e-novex (6 Months)

Network Project Engineer, SD Worx (6 Months)

Senior Network and Security Engineer, Secutec (10 Months)

Security Engineer Getronics ( 24 Months)


a list of references can be supplied upon demand. /td>