Our Approach

the wisdom of experience
for people trusting on technology

saving you from mistakes already made

Measurable Security

Knowing what you implement is half the race.
We make sure you know what is happening.
We can put results into metrics.

Results first

What good are checklists and policies without results. Delivering is our priority.

Vendor neutral

Also when you work with products and services of your specific choice. Don't worry. We figure it out.

cybersecurity without the drama

Future Ready

Let's think of the future together.
With our experience at your side,
it makes the future less unknown. 

Context Aware

Every effort is made in context,
no surprises if we can help it. 

Measurable Security

To measure is to know. The economics of cyber-security will not remain a mystery.

Business Objectives

Your business objectices are key to our approach, next is our ambition to deliver great security at affordable cost.

Cost Effective

Knowing what to do is knowing what not to do. This allows for cost saving in every way.

Made to last

Making it happen for you so you can go your own way when you want to.

security mature


Paperware cyber-security is not how we roll. We know what we do and if we don't we outsource.

Infrastructure first

The digital Infrastructure is the foundation of your organisation. We can consult from operations to development.

Knowledge driven

When insight meets regulation, compliance and frameworks the result is high-quality consultancy.


We're still not crazy about devOps but we automate when sensible.

Invested in security

Practice makes better. 25 years of cyber-security does bring something to the table other than sales-talk.

Cloud Agnostic

Not living with a head in the clouds is wisdom not lost on us. Sober use of cloud is how we play it.

security capable

Vendor shortlist

Check Point


Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows



From operations to ethical hacking or security code review. We have what it takes help you lead and deliver.

Ownership is how we turn analysis into next steps and well thought advisories.


Risk Analysis
Security Analysis
Threat Analysis


Configuration Management

Wide and deep understanding of IT and cyber-security enables to take charge of configuration management across the infrastructure.


Cloud Agnostic

Not living with a head in the clouds is wisdom not lost on us. Sober use of cloud is how we play it.

Consulting on cloud implementations and evaluating cloud security reports leading to sensible security advisories.